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The Carswell DNA Study


The Carswell DNA study group was started in 2005 in conjunction with the highly successful National Geographic’s “Genographic Project” which is attempting to trace the movement of ancient tribes and peoples using DNA data.

At the same time, the cost of DNA analysis became increasingly affordable as an adjunct to traditional genealogy.  The use of y-DNA, which is male specific, is a quite effective tool in combination with studies of family surnames in patrilineal societies.

Consequently, a group of Carswell genealogists began identifying specific Carswell lines and approached members to undertake DNA analysis.

Results to date have indicated that the genealogist’s assumptions have been largely correct, and have provided a remarkably good platform for identifying the major lines. From this, other matters of family interest such as early movements, surname origin, and unknown family relationships have also had some illumination.

There has now been two major reports completed, The Carswell DNA Study #1 and new in 2011,  The Carswell DNA Study #2.

A study has also been published on one of the DNA sub-clades (I2ba1, previously known as I1c-Isles) I1c-Isles Y-DNA Study Project.

In addition, the collaboration has created the need for increased communication of knowledge and has spawned a bi-monthly e-zine (The Carswell Connection).

The project to re-publish The Carswell Chronicle (a now defunct publication by the USA Carswell family) in electronic format has also been recently completed.

There are additional resources, with particular relevance to Carswells, to be found on the Resources page

The Carswell DNA study group results can be found here.

The Carswell DNA Study Group is open to all Carswells. Should you decide to participate, you just need to decide how many markers you want to get tested. The standard test for genealogical purposes is 37 markers these days, but as this can sometimes be too expensive we don’t want to discourage people and are happy to have the minimum 12 marker test.

This is still valuable and should more testing be warranted, can be done with the original sample.

Prices are:

Y-DNA 12 markers $US 99

Y-DNA 25 markers $US 148

Y-DNA 37 markers $US 189

Y-DNA 67 markers $US 269

Plus postage

All you then have to do is email your  name, postal address, email address and the number of markers that you want tested and we will have the kit sent to you. You then provides the sample, either include a cheque or credit card number and post it off.

When the results come thru, both parties are notified by email and then we do a check to see what the results are and how they compare (if at all) with the others, as well as trying to answer any questions that may have predicated the testing.

There is also other documentation and information provided by the testing company.