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Y-Chromosomes and the Extent of Patrilineal Ancestry in Irish Surnames
(pdf download 410kb)
A seminal study on Irish Surnames by the Trinity College Dublin, by Brian McEvoy and Daniel Bradley.

Human Y-Chromosomal Variation in Europeans
(pdf download 1.2MB)
A ground breaking dissertation by Siiri Rootsi for her Doctorate thesis at Tartu University, Riga

The Genetic Legacy of Paleolithic Homo Sapiens in Extant Europeans
(pdf download 236kb)
Semino et al, 2000

Identity and Ancestry Tracing
(pdf download 180kb)
Elliot and Brodwin 2002 – Article from British Medical Journal

Genetic Analysis of Balkan Population
(pdf download 723kb)
Bosch et al, 2005

An interesting case study using Ancient DNA to possibly identify the body of the evangelist, Luke.
(pdf download 165kb)
Vernessi, Di Benedetto et al, 2001