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The Carswell Chronicle

This family publication was produced through the seventies and eighties by The Carswell Foundation of Chipley, Fla. and edited by E. W. Carswell. In an effort to make it available again for research purposes, has digitised as many volumes as could be located. Please be aware that these are not the original documents, but are text based documents which have been reproduced from the originals.

Note that much effort has been made to ensure accuracy of historical detail and the look of the original documents, however there may be errors and no guarantees are made in this regard.

The document is a package of individual pdf files which can be downloaded as one document. It is advisable to have Adobe Acrobat Reader  v 8.1.1 or later, to enable full use of this format.

Addit: The latest Acrobat Readers are not fully backward compatible with the original version 8 in which the file was created. If you can only see one Volume (V1 No2) then you must download and install Adobe Flash Player. It is free and is quick to install.

Using ‘Advanced Search’ within the Acrobat Reader, it is possible to do full text searches of all the Volumes at the one time.

This document is 24MB in size (about 18 floppy disks). Downloading via broadband will take about one minute. Using 56kbps dialup modem it will take about 15-20 mins.

The Complete Volumes in one PDF package (warning – 23MB)

The Included Volumes are as follows:

Volume 1 No 2

Volume 2 No 1

Volume 2 No 2

Volume 3 No 1

Volume 4 No 1

Volume 5 No 1

Volume 6 No 1

Volume 6 No 2

Volume 7 No 1

Volume 7 No 2

Volume 8 Nos 1&2

Volumes 9&10 Nos 1&2



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