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Currently, the DNA project has found the largest number of separate lines of Carswells in Australia.

Although most lines come from the region of Renfrewshire, there are also those from Argyll and Shropshire.

Most Carswells in Tasmania are descendants of Allan Carswell of Kings Meadows, originally of Dunlop Parish (Muirhouse Farm), East Renfrewshire.

John Carswell of Stewarts River is representative of the Cheshire Carswells (originally from Neilston Parish, Renfrewshire).

Keith Carswell of Canberra, ACT, is also of another distinct line of the Renfrewshire Carswells.

Bill Carswell of Port Douglas, QLD,  represents the Canadian/Argyll Carswells, and

Ian Carswell of Coffs Harbour, NSW, represents the Shropshire Carswells.


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